Painting Doors post thumbnail

Painting Doors


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Sound Proof Panels post thumbnail

Sound Proof Panels

Installing sound proofing for homes and studios… [...]

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CUSTOM CEDER GATE post thumbnail


Gates is our speciality! We build custom gates, repair and install gates you purchase… [...]

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DOOR WORK post thumbnail


Door work in the greater Las Vegas area is essential in the desert heat and cold in the winter. Fluctuations in extreme temperatures can cause all kinds of issues [...]

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REFURBISHED DOOR post thumbnail


Doors can be problem with wood warping and weather wear with the hot Las Vegas Summers. [...]

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INDUSTRIAL post thumbnail


Don’t let the name Handyman fool you… We also do commercial and industrial work for major companies including Costco and other major facilities throughout Las Vegas. [...]

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Chanel Installs post thumbnail

Chanel Installs

We install new indoor and outdoor systems you purchase including Chanel installations, TV mounts, Window Screens, window shades, curtains, etc. [...]

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Handyman Services post thumbnail

Handyman Services

No job is too small we do it all… We install fire alarms, faucets, mounts and more. [...]

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PLUMBING post thumbnail


Yes we do plumbing! [...]

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